Feedly: News Reader App

Feedly: News Reader App

For a couple years now I have been enjoying this news reader app called Feedly. It is similar to the Google Reader I used in the past. I can find and add websites that I want to follow for reading of their articles. The sites can be categorized. I can easily see which posts I have read and which are unread. I can easily share links to articles via email or social media with a click. I can use feedly in the browser on my computer and in their phone app so I can take my synced news feed anywhere I go. Yes, I follow many of these same feeds in my social media, but i’m thinking about changing that. We are very easily distracted these days. On facebook. I primarily want to see updates from my friends and family, but these companies I follow do cloud the feed. Maybe I should hide the news sources from my social media feeds and instead just read them in Feedly during times that I want to focus on reading? The flip side of that is when I see these articles on Facebook I also get to read the discussion by other readers via comments.

The good thing about all of this is that we have the ability to make choices every day, and we also have the ability to change our mind and make a new choice. Do what is right for you, for now. Maybe tomorrow, next week, next month, even next year – something else will be what is right for you at that time. No problem. Refocus, and move forward. We don’t need the extra stress of trying to make the very best decision for everything in this current moment.

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