How to Batch Content for Social Media

How to Batch Content for Social Media

When I am hyperfocused that is my most creative time, a time when ideas are flowing and I’m pumping out good work. Instead of disrupting my workflow of client projects to work on posts for social media and blogs, it is a more efficient use of time for me to batch content and create everything I need for multiple posts all in one hyperfocused session.

Here are some steps on how to batch content for social media.

I know you are eager to get started creating that content, but we should not overlook the planning stage of any project.

1. Planning: Batch Size

How many days worth of content do you want to create in a single batch? You could aim for a week’s worth, similar to people who do those prep all your meals for the week every Sunday routines. You could be ambitious and tackle a whole month at a time. Either way, you should take the time planning the content batch out. Then create it at another time when you are hyperfocused.

2. Planning: Content topics and types

What specific themes do you want to hit for the week? Are you marketing a new eBook or course? Do you want people to hire you? Once you know what the theme of the week is, decide how you will deliver your message. A good mix of static image posts and video posts as Posts, Stories, or Reels – however your social network of choice likes to label it these days.

3. Planning: Schedule Your Posts

Now that you have all of your content planned, let’s schedule when you will post each item. You can use a fancy content calendar app, or you could, for free, use – oh I don’t know – google calendar. Simply make a new event for each day you are going to post and describe what content items you will post, on what network, and when.

4. Create the Batched Content

You have a plan. You know what you want to do. Let’s do it!

5. Post the Content

Following the schedule you already made, post the content on the days you planned.

I hope you will give content batching a try and see if it feels better for you to do your content tasks all at once, be able to breathe, and spend the rest of your time getting to the heart of your business activities. Don’t forget to spice up those posts periodically.

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