How To Create a LinkedIn Newsletter

How To Create a LinkedIn Newsletter

What is a LinkedIn Newsletter?

On LinkedIn if you meet certain criteria you will have the option to create a Newsletter. If you create one, then each time you write an article on LinkedIn you will have the option to publish it individually to your profile or as an edition of your Newsletter.

Why Should You Care?

This is a great opportunity to expand your audience.

1) LinkedIn automatically…

  • Recommends your newsletter to your connections
  • Alerts subscribers when there is a new edition
  • Emails the new edition to subscribers
2) Newsletter articles are favored on the platform compared to normal posts, so more eyeballs on what you have to share.

3) I personally think an article, even a short one, looks a lot more official than a basic post.

4) I’ve had mine for only a couple weeks and I am up to 40 subscribers. I feel that people are more willing to subscribe to your newsletter on LinkedIn when LinkedIn is recommending it to them than they are to read your post that is trying to convince them to go to your landing page signup form to subscribe to your regular newsletter.

5) Get boosted reach when people like and comment on your newsletter articles. I know with my ConvertKit newsletter if somebody likes it or wants to comment about it there is no way to do that other than to privately contact me.

The Criteria

Audience base
Members and Pages with more than 150 followers and/or connections are eligible to be evaluated for LinkedIn Newsletters access.

Recent shares of original content (any type)
We look for members and Pages who have experience creating original content on LinkedIn (For example, creating posts with text, images, or videos, publishing articles, etc.) to evaluate if they will be able to make the most of LinkedIn Newsletters.

To See if You Have Access To Create

Go to and see if Newsletters is listed under Creator Tools

Create the Newsletter

It is pretty straightforward.





Write Your First Edition

Ready Set Go

Write to your heart’s content. You get the standard editing/formatting tools.

I was particularly impressed with the embed button and how it can format a nice view of a twitter post link.

Write Article

Sharing Your Newsletter on Your Website

The button then looks like this:   Subscribe on LinkedIn

Final Thoughts

I need to give this some more thought, but I might now think that harnessing LinkedIn for Newsletters (which I don’t have to pay for – maybe in the future they will charge) might be the better option over a traditional newsletter service.


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