Using Midjourney AI to Create a Cover Photo for an Article

Using Midjourney AI to Create a Cover Photo for an Article

When you write an article these days you tend to get prompted to include a cover photo. This photo will show up when you share your link to the story on social media. In the old days I would just use a search engine and try to find something relevant to what I am writing about. Problems that arise are 1) is this photo that I have found able to legally be used for my purposes? and 2) the search results are limited to photos that exist in the search index and the words that describe those photos.

Solution: Generate my own graphic using AI tools.

Requirements: access to a discord server that has the midjourney bot installed and have an account with

I am going to assume you have completed the requirements.

This morning I was having difficulty writing, so I decided to write an article about having difficulty writing. I needed a graphic.

My prompt that I entered for Midjourney was:

a brown haired man with beard sitting at a desk having difficulty writing –ar 16:9

In less than 60 seconds I had 4 options to choose from. I like the cartoon version in the bottom right corner, quadrant 4, so I clicked the V4 button which means regenerate 4 variations of quadrant 4.

In even less time I had 4 variations to choose from. I like the one in the upper left. I clicked the button U1 which means upscale the image in quadrant 1.

And voila, in less than 3 minutes I had a great custom graphic to use with my story.

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