What does an NFT look like?

Anything. Seriously.

Anything you can take a picture of, anything you can convert into a digital image, anything you can create or design and save or export as a digital image – can be made into an NFT.

I took a picture of a freakin napkin and made an NFT!


Did you think I was joking? 

  • I literally wrote on a napkin, took a picture with my phone, filled out a form and uploaded the photo to create the NFT.
  • Next I made a sales page, also known as a “mint” page.
  • Then I shared the link to the page and started selling copies “mints”.
Each copy has an owner, and that information is recorded in the public record. Now I didn’t quit my day job over this. I sold each original mint for about one US dollar each. I was just testing things out and didn’t have any real plan in place.

The one in the photo above, at the time of this writing, is listed for sale in the Magic Eden marketplace. It is listed for 108 SOL, a crypto currency worth, at this moment, about $28/coin. So then the sales price here is $3,024. That doesn’t mean it is worth 3 grand. That is just the price the seller chose to set. It is only worth that price if a buyer is willing to pay that price. If there is a buyer though, I will earn 10% royalties. In fact, every time an NFT that I am the creator of is resold in the marketplace I will earn 10% from that transaction.

You could do it too.

I’d love to teach you how you can create and sell your own digital images as NFTs. I currently have an offer for sale that includes everything you need. If the offer is sold out by the time you read this, just sign up for an hour of coaching with me and I’ll help you that way too.

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