That’s probably what a bunch of you are saying. You could google it for a quick definition. Think of a painting or a poster, something you visually like. It is that, but it is also something that gains value based on utility that the creator chooses to provide. Think of utility as having bonus value that is not obvious like – “if you own this NFT then you are able to sign up for a 1 hour coaching session once a month”. Suddenly this jpg image that is this thing called an NFT (non-fungible token) has more value than just being a jpg image that you can right-click save-as to your desktop, and there are people out there who will buy and sell them all day long.

That’s a quick version to get you caught up.

What I am doing with NFTs

Some of you are part of my small, but growing community of like-minded people, and I say that in the literal sense because we all have ADHD. We gather and share our stories and experiences surrounding ADHD.

I am also part of a community of creators; creators, who have bought in on an NFT collection of giraffe images.

Well now I am trying something myself, I have envisioned an NFT collection of giraffe artwork that represents feelings and situations that myself and others have experienced with ADHD.

Introducing ADHD Giraffes

I put together a new website for the project and this Saturday I will be releasing the mint page (the buy now) page for the first NFT in the collection. You can get ready for it by creating a free account at Social Connector. SC is a crypto wallet, a place to transact in digital currencies, to buy and sell NFT, and many other new features are released each month.
You can read about my vision for the ADHD Giraffes on the website.
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